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Randy Rarick

Imagine a Forrest Gump of the surfing world. A person who inadvertently has a hand in every significant event of the past 40 years, from telling a pubescent Pipe Master to "go left" to catching a contact buzz from the architects of the shortboard revolution to being among the handful of witnesses for the "biggest wave ever ridden" to working behind the scenes of the fledgling pro tour. Randy Rarick was there, only his presence was deliberate. He's surfed in more countries than any other surfer, and he's still there, directing the greatest surfing show on earth, the Hawaiian Triple Crown.
Primarily, Rarick works as a shaper, operating under the exclusive license for Bear Surfboards as well as Hawaiian Designs. Since picking up a planer in 1964, he has crafted more than 8,000 boards. He and wife Jacque have an adopted son, Aaron, who is a marine. The Raricks live at Sunset Point, in a house that Rarick rented in 1975, and then purchased 10 years later. Few have dedicated their lives to surfing the way Rarick has, and few have reaped as many rewards. While his involvement in organized surfing won't last forever, his enjoyment certainly will.